Explore Ngozumpa Glacier

Download the Ngozumpa Glacier information sheet here (two pages):

Ngozumpa Glacier is approximately 20 km long and is predominantly debris-covered, similar to Khumbu Glacier. A large moraine-dammed lake is expanding at the terminus of the glacier, named Spillway Lake. Where such moraine dams are unstable or can be breached by displaced water, a glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) can occur where lake water is released down the valley over a short time period. Since the discharge is high, these events can flood downstream villages and destroy infrastructure such as hydropower developments.

Viewpoint 1. Stood on Ngozumpa Glacier:

A large supraglacial pond is surrounded by debris-covered ice.

Viewpoint 2. Stood on Ngozumpa Glacier:

A large ice cliff with an associated supraglacial pond is visible in the distance, with smaller ponds in the foreground.

Viewpoint 3. Looking across the glacier:

Exposed ice faces and ponds can be seen.

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