Glacier ice thickness

Measurements of glacier ice thickness are extremely sparse for Himalayan Glaciers. Estimates can be derived using glacier characteristics (e.g surface slope) to model the ice thickness. These estimates are essential to forecast future glacier evolution.


Ice thickness dataset: Farinotti D., M. Huss, J.J. Fuerst, J. Landmann, H. Machguth, F. Maussion, and A. Pandit (2019). "A consensus estimate for the ice thickness distribution of all glaciers on Earth". Nature Geoscience. DOI: 10.1038/s41561-019-0300-3

Glacier outlines: RGI Consortium (2017). Randolph Glacier Inventory – A Dataset of Global Glacier Outlines: Version 6.0: Technical Report, Global Land Ice Measurements from Space, Colorado, USA. Digital Media. DOI:

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